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Mattress Protector

Mattress Protector We all need protection and why should your mattress be left behind?? A fact most of us are unaware is our body looses a liter of body fluids through the skin & mouth as well as millions of skin flakes. Our product comes with silent features like waterproof, breathable barrier fabric, dust & Mite barrier as well washable. These characteristics help in protecting the mattress from various bacteria produced as a result of the above facts. Most important aspect about covering your valuable mattress with mattress protector is to prevent stains enabling your mattress to be fresh & new always. Suiting to your mattress size, mattress pad also come in various sizes and colours. For more details CONTACT US
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Pillows Choose yours.


Finding the right type of firmness for you is all about channeling your inner royalty keep on testing until you find some that feels just right. Remember that over time, this product will lose its firmness. If you fold it in half and it doesn’t bounce back to its normal shape, it might be time to look into a replacement.
550 Grams Fiber Fill - Extra Soft Firm
An extra soft pillow will cradle the head and neck, minimizing any pressure points along your spine. Stomach-sleepers, this firmness level is ideal for you like the 550 grams fiber fill from our range.
750 Grams Fiber Fill - Medium Firm
Medium support pillows offer the best of both worlds: plenty of support, but still quite lofty like the 750 grams fiber fill from our range.
Memory Foam - Extra Firm
A firm pillow will allow maximum support, perfect for side-sleepers who need to maintain proper alignment like the memory foam pillow from our range. For more details CONTACT US Choose the right one for yourself.