Sitting Posture & Spine Health.

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Sitting Posture & Spine Health

Technology in its wake has brought new challenges to humans in terms of health. One mainly being sitting and working on the desk in front of the computer or laptop. Various research have shown sitting is the “new smoking”. Sitting for long hours without any physical activity is an invitation to cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Though this new working trend can’t be changed, one can definitely help oneself with one simple habit – “Sit correctly”.

Right Chair:

Firstly one should use a chair which has castors or more commonly known as wheels. Along with this the chair height should be adjustable.

The reason being, this gives us flexibility of movement while working. Additionally, we all are uniquely built. Our height, weight  & age all differ. A chair with height adjustment , thus, helps us to sit correctly.

POSTURE | Ergonomics | Sitting Correctly | Health Care

Do’s & Dont’s:

A comfortable working space depends on where the computer screen is situated, where the hands and feet are placed, and the kind of office chair.

  • One must choose the height of the desk depending on the task to be performed. Like Architects and draftsman may want a higher surface for drawing while computer entry work could be seated or standing, depending on the need to use other tools or references. The specific height of the work surface will also need to vary based on the height of the individual worker.
  • Adjust the seat of the office chair so that the work surface is “elbow high.” A fist should be able to pass easily behind the calf and in front of the seat edge to keep the back of the legs from being pressed too hard and the feet from swelling. Two fingers should slip easily under each thigh. If not, use a couple of telephone books or a footrest to raise the knees level with the hips. The backrest of the office chair should push the low back forward slightly. If these adjustments cannot be adequately made with the existing office chair, a different make or type of chair may be considered.
  • Fit the height of the computer screen. Sit comfortably in the newly adjusted office chair. Close both eyes and relax. Then, slowly reopen them. Where the gaze initially focuses should be when the eyes open is the place to put the center of the computer screen. The screen can be raised using books or a stand if needed. At the end of the day Sitting Posture & Spine Health go hand in hand.

Hope these tips helps you all in “sitting correctly” & taking care of your health as ultimately “HEALTH IS WEALTH”.