Space Utilization

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“Space” , one of the most expensive commodities in today’s times . In these challenging times, optimal use of office space is need of the hour. Best fit utilization of space with “Back to work” is a necessity of current times.

Work Space Planning,  is the process of designing how occupants will use a given space. For workspace design, this includes how much of the space is dedicated to types of work (collaborative, solitary etc.), mobility in the given work space and how it will be arranged.

An important point, any organisation considers is the tension between maximum utilization of space (often a financial argument) and great workplace experiences (an argument for people and performance).

Every organisation, strives to design workspaces that strike the right balance, leading ultimately to a higher return on the workplace investment through higher human performance.

Dwelling on this thought the workstations are ideal for any office.

They fulfill minimum space requirement of an individual. The design maintains open space concept and yet manages to give privacy to individuals. Partnered with comfortable chair considerably  enhances productivity . This in turn helps  the growth of the company.

This starts the success story for any business. Leading to a positive cycle of motivation & satisfaction for employees and progress & good luck for the employers.

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